3 Reasons to Use Spray Grass for Planting

Hydroseeding, also known as spray grass, is a process for planting grass using a slurry of seeds and mulch sprayed out through a hose. Effective for both small and especially large areas, hydroseeding can effectively and efficiently plant grass with much less effort compared to traditional means. Given that many haven’t used this planting method before, though, they can be understandably skeptical about blasting a bunch of seeds out of a hose onto a plot of land. To help relieve those fears, here are three reasons to use spray grass for planting.3 Reasons to Use Spray Grass for Planting


1. Convenience

For one thing, hydroseeding is an extremely convenient process, especially when you need to plant large patches of land at once. Rather than waste time tilling the ground and sowing seeds by hand, you can just blast them out all at once. This technique even outpaces machine-assisted sowing techniques, likely making it the single most efficient means of planting there is outside of using whole turf.

2. Safer

Gardening typically isn’t the most dangerous of professions, so the “safer” aspect of hydroseeding is more about the plants themselves. Using a seed slurry as opposed to dry seeds makes your grass much more likely to survive to the point it begins growing, animals being less likely to eat something that’s swimming in a soup of mulch. This is a bit of a step up from planting seeds into mulch as these can be easily dug up.

3. Effectiveness

Hydroseeding isn’t just good for saving time, though; it’s also extremely effective at getting plants to propagate. The combination water, seed, and mulch slurry that hydroseeding involves is, as one would expect, extremely conducive to growing. This already makes it more likely that your grass will actually grow than just seeds and water, but storing the seeds in those conditions can also give many of them a head start on growing compared to seeds planted dry with mulch and then watered.

There are many reasons to use spray grass the next time you need to plant an area, but these are three of the best you can look to. If you’d like to employ hydroseeding professionals or learn more about the process, contact Need Grass Now for more.