4 Reasons to Hydroseed with a Mixture of Native Grasses

The grass you use for your lawn can make or break your landscaping. Here are four reasons to use a mix of native grasses instead of sticking with a single variety or choosing a grass from a different climate zone.

4 Reasons to Hydroseed with a Mixture of Native Grasses


1. Cover your lawn with full-sun and partial-sun grasses.

No lawn is perfectly uniform. Some parts of the southern side will be drenched in sunlight from dawn until dusk. Other portions of your lawn will be under a tree or partially in the shade of your house. Using a mix of native grasses that thrive in different levels of sunlight gives every inch of your lawn a smooth green carpet.

2. Get rid of patches that invite weeds.

Using both native kinds of grass and a mix of different grasses provides two layers of defense against bare patches. Patchy lawns are bad news for lots of reasons, but one of the biggest is weeds: wherever there’s bare soil, weeds will grow. Maintaining a thick grassy cover is one of the only ways to keep weeds out of your yard.

3. Reduce your irrigation bill.

Native grasses, just like native trees and landscaping plants, require a lot less water to stay healthy. The more your landscaping incorporates drought-resistant plants and grasses from southern climates, the better they can withstand Texas’s droughts and increasingly hot temperature without a lot of watering. If your city has water restrictions, using native grass varieties means your lawn won’t wither as you reduce outdoor water usage.

4. Keep your grass greener for longer.

Native grasses don’t just need less water. They’re built for the Texas climate. That means they can stay green longer into the fall without turning yellow or brown. Combine these grasses with evergreen landscaping plants so your yard is beautiful every season.

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