Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions to meet your individual project needs. We take the time to listen and understand the current situation and the desired end result. Our services include:



Hydroseeding, also known as hydromulching, is a fast, economical way to grow grass, and an effective tool for erosion control. We use high-quality wood fibers with grass seed to create an organic “blanket” ideally suited for seed germination. In most cases, you can expect growth within a week. We tell our clients to plan to be mowing within three weeks. In addition to traditional lawn space, this is an ideal solution for hillsides and sloped areas where erosion is a real concern.

New Construction Hydroseeding

New Construction Hydroseeding

We understand one of the early needs in construction is turned soil coverage and erosion control. This is where hydroseeding comes in. We can help you establish quality turf quickly with our effective hydromulching. Our slurry of grass seed, mulch and fertilizer can be quickly sprayed down. When warranted, temporary irrigation is put in place to support seed growth.

Hydroseeding Irrigation


Adequate watering is critical to successful hydroseeding. In many cases, our clients will need temporary watering solutions while establishing their grass. Often, a short-term drip system can be tied into an existing grid. Sometimes temporary piping can be connected to a nearby fire hydrant with a dedicated water meter installed. If a local solution is not viable, Need Grass Now can assist with the rental of a watering truck service.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Quality grass can stop your erosion exposure, but we understand there will be times when turf building is not the answer, or when turf building is a latter phase in your project. For these reasons, we offer several other solutions to erosion control. For example, heavy-duty silt fencing is an option for low to medium flow areas. And, straw wattles can slow more concentrated water flow. A benefit to the straw wattle is that the organic materials can simply be spread out once the barrier need is no longer there. After assessing your particular site, we’ll make recommendations that make sense for you.

Additional Services

Enhance soil with additives and PH adjustments
Installation of silt fencing
Custom erosion site plans and SWPPP’s
Installation of erosion blankets
Installation of BFM (bonded fiber matrix) hydromulching
Assisted engineers with specs and planning for effective vegetation establishment
Custom seed plans
Culverts, drainage, rip-rap rock, and temporary irrigation

Need Grass Now can assist contractors with erosion solutions compliant with the federal Clean Water Act. Give us a call today.