3 Reasons to Use Hydroseeding Instead of Sod

If your commercial property is in a hilly area, erosion can become a massive and costly problem. One of the best ways to solve the problem early and cut down on future maintenance costs is with a strong retaining wall. But once the construction is over and it’s time to repair the surrounding soil and turf, make sure you turn to a hydroseeding service. Here’s why it’s the right choice:

3 Reasons to Use Hydroseeding Instead of Sod


1. The topsoil is still vulnerable to erosion.

Any time there’s bare topsoil, it’s at risk of eroding away. Rain, wind, and gravity can dig divots out of the new soil along the inner edge of the retaining wall. The soil at the base of the wall is also vulnerable because it’s still on a slope and it’s where the drainage runs. Hydroseeding gets grass growing in place quickly to hold the soil down.

2. Good hydroseeding creates deeper roots.

Fast grass isn’t good enough. It needs to be able to develop deep, strong roots in order to help the retaining wall protect surrounding structures. Because hydroseeding slurries have a mix of mulch, fertilizer, and water around the grass seeds, the grass gets a stronger growing start. The mixture primes the environment for good growth during the vital first weeks.

3. Turn your in-progress construction to a finished project faster.

Hydroseeding slurries can also contain a non-toxic green colorant. This coloring turns brown, dusty construction projects back into a beautiful green surface that will boost your curb appeal as the grass grows in. Depending on the colorant used, it can also help shade the soil to promote a healthy growing environment.

No matter your property needs new grass, look into hydroseeding as your top choice. It’s the go-to grass installation method for hilly surfaces and renovated landscapes. Go to Need Grass Now to schedule an appointment.