What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding and hydromulching are in essence the same thing. Materials such as straw, wood, cotton, and newspaper are mixed in a large tank with grass seed, dye, water, and tackifier. The tackifier acts as a glue to hold the organic materials in place, allowing cover and moisture for an environment that is optimal for seed germination.
Hydroseeding is much more affordable than sod. Typically, an average yard can be done for about a third of the price it would be for sod. Hydroseeding can be a great option to plant yards for new construction and to control erosion.

Seed Choices

Select the professional installer that uses quality seed that has been cleaned and researched for weed seed, inert materials, hulls, and stems. The more expensive quality seed will have higher germination rates. Also look at important characteristics like water efficiency and drought resistance. Bermuda is often the best choice, but with well over 35 different types be sure your hydromulch professional knows what they are planting.

Selecting The Right Hydroseeding Professional

From a consumer standpoint, beware of choosing the cheapest bidder for your hydroseeding project. The way some contractors keep prices low is by using the cheapest cellulose mulch available and by eliminating some of the necessary ingredients that will keep you from having the optimal result. Those contractors will also use cheap seed and not apply the correct fertilizer, enzymes, or tacking agents which keep your mulch in place until grass establishment. Need Grass Now uses only premium seed with nice name brand mulch and all the necessary ingredients to ensure the success of your project.

What are the advantages of Hydroseeding?

Hydromulch has the ability to retain up to 10 times its weight in water, which is key for fast and healthy germination.  This method of planting also provides a thicker, more uniform coverage.  Hydroseeding is much easier and faster than laying sod, and with sod you have uneven checkering effect and the possibility of the sod going into shock from transplanting.  With hydroseeding we grow the lawn on your soil, which enables a better start and root system.

What can Need Grass Now LLP. do for me?

We offer many options.  If you choose to prepare seed site we come put down the mulch and leave with you care instructions.  If you prefer we can also assist you with minor grading, or arrange the necessary dirt work.  Need Grass Now LLP., also offers post-installation visits where we are able to apply fertilizers to help you maintain and cultivate your new beautiful turf.