3 Tips on Controlling Pond and Lake Erosion

If you’ve got a pond or lake on your property, it’s likely one of the highlights of where you live. It’s beauty and utility are unparalleled, but that beauty might be fleeting if you don’t take the proper steps of preventing erosion. Wind, water, time, and much more can deteriorate the border of your water source. To keep that from happening, here are three tips on controlling pond and lake erosion.

3 Tips on Controlling Pond and Lake Erosion

1. Shore Up the Shore

Reinforcing the shoreline of your pond or lake can go a long way in stopping it from eroding. One strategy to do this would be to use large rocks to protect the shore. Stacking them side by side in a rip trap formation can preserve the edge of the shore during both flooding and dry times. There are plenty of helpful guides available that go into more detail on how to construct these formations, so give it a try.

2. Plant Natural Vegetation

Just like with other land, one of the best ways to prevent erosion is through the planting of natural vegetation. Having plants native to your area that thrive in wet environments are often the best way to ensure soil can’t degrade overtime. Look for plants that have deep root systems that will take hold and be hard to uproot even in poor weather.

3. Keep Large Animals Away

Large animals stomping around the edge of your pond are liable to break the soil apart and knock it into the water, slowly speeding up the erosion process. While this isn’t a concern for everyone, if you live in an area with livestock, bears, or other large creatures, it might be advisable to install a fence near your pond to keep animals away.

While erosion typically takes a long time to actually happen, you can make it take even longer with these three tips. For assistance in controlling erosion or with hydroseeding projects, contact Need Grass Now for more information.