Better Grass Coverage For Your Business

Green grass attracts shoppers. Nice landscaping can make a great first impression before customers even drive onto your lot or walk into your store. But frequent droughts and water restrictions hurt your ability to keep the landscaping lush and green. If your store can only devote water or resources to a few areas of landscaping, get green grass in these three prime locations:

Better Grass Coverage For Your Business

1. Near your business’s sign on the side of the road

If a lot of your customers come from drive-by traffic, you need a sign that pops. Accent it with bright green grass that won’t fade or develop brown patches. Green attracts drivers’ attention with being distracting, and that means they’ll take a second look at your sign. If your store is in a crowded shopping area or along a busy road, better grass can also help out people actively looking for your business. If first-time customers can’t easily find you, they’ll go somewhere else.

2. The front edges of your parking lot’s medians

If your parking lot has medians, good landscaping isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about safety. Lock down the front of the medians near the pedestrian paths with strong grass. That can stop the dirt from getting shifted onto the walkways and wheelchair paths after heavy. Grass is also a safer option than hedges and trees because it won’t obscure drivers’ line of sight.

3. The strips of grass by the front entryway

It’s essential that you make your store’s entryway as picturesque and appealing as possible. If it looks look worn, dim, or dirty, shoppers will carry that negative first impression inside. Green grass automatically has a positive effect on people’s minds, and it can brighten up the whole front of your building.

Green grass is good advertising. But it needs to be strong, durable grass to outlast droughts and heat. Go to Need Grass Now for better grass and hydroseeding.