3 Ways to Control Erosion on a Hillside

When tending to plant life, especially in the context of farming or another situation where plants will be regularly removed from the ground, erosion is a constant threat to the environment and your livelihood. If your operation is to be sustainable in any way, it will inevitably need to tackle the issue of soil erosion sooner or later (preferably sooner). This is a lot easier said than done, though, as figuring out how to keep your soil in its place can be rough at times.

In order to help keep your plants and the world a greener place, here are three ways to control erosion on a hillside that you can implement now.

3 Ways to Control Erosion on a Hillside

1. Keep Space Filled

Bare ground is a prime candidate for erosion as there’s nothing there to keep it in place when struck by wind and rain. That’s why it’s necessary to keep space filled on your land whenever you can, as plant roots are one of the simplest ways to keep soil in check against the elements. Shrubs are an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to do this, many varieties helping the plants around them to boot.

2. Rotation

Rotating crops is an old strategy for a reason – it works. Planting crops that only use certain nutrients in the soil while helping to replenish others is a great way to keep the land sustainable and prevent erosion. The only trick is to remember to do it and not simply plant the same crops in the same places over and over.

3. Use Coverage

On a hillside, it’s important to ensure that things have a chance to grow when they’re planted and don’t simply slide off. Things like mulch or matting are extremely helpful in this scenario, as it means seeds and small plant life can’t simply be blow away or eaten by birds while they try to take root. Many of these coverings even have beneficial properties for the plants, too.

Erosion is one of the biggest problems facing the planet today thanks to irresponsible planting and tending practices. Use these three tips to help put an end to that on your hillsides. If you’re in need of grass seeding or erosion control help, contact Need Grass Now today for more information on their services.